The Ditty Foundation

Dedicated to the Preservation, Development, and Advancement of original Americana and Roots Musical Contributions

the world
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Our Mission

The Ditty Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, development, and advancement of original Americana and Roots musical contributions, styles, artists and its supporting industries - we believe that the world is a better place with music.

Our Vision

By preserving and connecting musical contribution of the past, while providing education and advancement opportunities today, we are helping to ensure a future where Americana and Roots based music generates even greater cultural, educational and economic benefits to our planet.


“Great experience start to finish. Extremely impressed with the entire process, couldn’t be happier with the audio and video production.”


“The entire roots music community is benefiting from your hard work and dedication, i’m proud and honored to be part of it.”


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Media Production Services


Mentoring & Education


“Americana is a collection of genres that people love from their 20s into their 60s & 70s”



Music Preservation and Advancement

Americana and Roots based music innovations provided the foundation for Jazz, Soul, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Country, Western Swing, Gospel, and many more forms and genres of music the world recognizes today.

The Ditty Foundation provides innovative, distinctive, and most importantly impactful support and services to the artists and their industries that are continuing that musical innovation today. The foundation provides resources and opportunities for growth and independence to artists while introducing and connecting their music to fans and supporters in every corner of the globe.

Artist Development and Promotion

For both emerging and established artist alike, the foundation provides a full suite of artist development support services including media production, promotion, distribution, and educational resources. Our goal is to help turn exceptional musical talent into professional success by equipping outstanding musicians with the tools, media assets, and networks they need to build and sustain rewarding, impactful, and financially sustaining careers in music.

We provide our artists with promotion through our various music focused distribution partnerships and social media channel initiatives, along with residencies and performance opportunities at venues and music events throughout the US and beyond.

Our key position in the industry allows us to leverage our experience, knowledge and connections within the music and technology industries to provide unique insight, support, and education for our artists. We believe that by investing in these talented musicians we can ensure the future of Americana and Roots based music in the US and beyond. The Foundation believes in the transformative power of music and that mentoring and building communities through music can positively affect social change.

Education and Mentorship

The Ditty Foundation supports artists by providing mentorship and continuing education of the rapidly changing music industry and its varied aspects of production, promotion, and distribution through our DittyU programs and resources.



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